See the Good is a new blog I’ve created, completely devoted to finding the good things that life hands me and documenting them.  I guess the main idea is to celebrate life–the human condition. To take the good with the bad and to see how the good far outweighs the bad.


I got the idea for this blog project several years ago in one of my classes.  As part of our curriculum we had to make and keep a goal that would better us as people.  I decided on journaling.

Specifically gratitude jounaling.

I’d read a talk by Henry B. Eyring, the previous year where he stressed the importance of recognizing God’s hand in our lives.  He said that he’d undergone a similar project early in his married life and that it had forever changed the way he viewed himself in relation to diety.  He began to realize just how involved God was in his life.  He began to have a brightness of hope and an increase of faith in the future.

Now if you know me, I’m a worrier.  I worry all the time and then keep worrying for good measure. Because I can’t stop myself.

And I was in college, applying to my program.

Which was very competitive.

I needed a little extra faith.

So, I began.  I decided that each day I would write down five things that I was thankful for or five ways the Lord had blessed me that day.

Simple.  I know.

And the best part was that it wouldn’t take long at all.  I could take as little as one minute to jot dow a few thoughts–and still get full credit.

But as the sememster went on, my journal entries started getting longer and longer.  I wanted to explain why those things were imporortant to me.  And my use of paper got to be this astronomical thing.

And sometimes my handwriting is awful.

Like really awful.

So I’m going paperless.




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