Keep Moving Forward

2013 is gone.

It’s never coming back.

The new year is a time to reflect. What have I done this year? How am I going to change? Am I willing to do what is required in order to get where I want to be?

Whatever happened last year, whatever we did, whatever we were: we can start over. Try a little harder to be a little better.

And that’s what this life is all about: learning, and growing, and moving forward. Mistakes are part of that process. But, we don’t have to be defined by them. We don’t have to dwell in our misfortunes. We can “look ahead and believe“.

In the Disney film, Meet the Robinsons, a young inventor struggles to perfect many of his inventions. As he does so, he is often disappointed when they don’t work quite as he had planned.

One scene in particular stands out to me. At the dinner table, the family encourages Lewis to use his peanut butter and jelly gun to make a sandwich. The gun, much like his other inventions, fails to perform. It sputters, pops, and shoots food matter all over the room.

Lewis is mortified.

To his surprise, the family celebrates.

Big banners and fanfare encourage him to “keep moving forward!”

And with the understanding that mistakes aren’t something to be ashamed of–that they’re simply part of the process–he is much more capable. He works harder. He goes further.

The Lord understands our difficulties. He understands that we’re human. He knows that failure is just part of the process. And that’s why He sent His son. So that when we struggle, we can receive help. When we aren’t enough, we can be. When we fall, we can rise again and keep moving forward.


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