The Lord Answers Prayers

Whether we really need those answers. And whether or not we deserve them. He responds. He doesn’t leave us alone to wonder. And struggle. And anguish. He comes to our rescue.

I’ve had that a few times this week.

And in varying degrees.

But here’s one of the ones that really stuck out to me:

Monday night.

Family night.

We had an appointment. That we didn’t adequately prepare for. We needed a member to go to this appointment with us. Because if we didn’t get a member, then we weren’t going in. And it was particularly cold on this evening. So we NEEDED to go in.

If for nothing more than the fact that it would be extremely rude to make someone stand out on the porch to receive a lesson that we had set up a week ago.

So we did what all missionaries, running low on luck do, we prayed.

And the Lord made it all work out.

He found someone to go to our appointment with us.

And then when that appointment fell through.

He provided someone else for us to meet.

It totally amazes me how the Lord works. How he can–by closing windows–open doors for us that we never realized were there.

It is my hope that we can all have eyes to see those unexpected doors. That we can look for unplanned opportunities to serve and share. Especially now, during the Christmas season when so many more hearts are opened to the Savior.


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