Right Place. Right Time.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about being in the right place at the right time. If we let Him, the Lord will use us to bless his children.

Here’s the proof:

1. Last week we met a man unexpectedly. We’d gone to meet with someone else. And there he was, with his four children. They were headed up the stairs to their apartment. Which just happened to be right next to the one we were going to visit. When he noticed us, he called out, “Good to see they’re finally sending out girl Elders.” We explained that actually we were called Sisters. To which he replied, “Same thing in the south.” We went on to find out that he was from Noble, Oklahoma (!!) and that he would be more than willing to meet with us “any time”.

Understandably, we were thrilled.

2. Friday night we finally got back in contact with one of the people we’ve been teaching. He works long hours. And out of town. So, its been difficult.

It was around 6:30 and we thought that maybe it’d be better to try earlier in the evening rather than later. Because people who are NOT missionaries have things to do on Friday nights.

So we went by. And surprisingly his sister let us in. Turns out he was on his way out. So we caught him just in time. And set up another appointment, right there. On the spot.


3. Saturday evening we went to deliver a Cambodian Book of Mormon to a lady we’d met with previously. We were really excited about it because they’d had one, just laying around the office. And to us, that seemed like a sign.

Because we’re in Portland.

How many people could possibly speak Cambodian?

So we knocked on her door. No answer. We waited. Still no reply. And then, somewhat disheartened, we turned to go.

As we were walking toward the car, we saw someone walking towards us. A small, Asian woman. I thought to myself, “Is that? Nah, couldn’t be.” And kept walking. Sister Ryder complimented her on her coat. Which gave us enough time to, in the dark, determine that it really was her.

What are the odds?

So we gave her the Book of Mormon. She looked through it for a moment. Somewhat shocked–I think–that we actually brought it. And she promised to read.

4. Yesterday in Gospel Principles there was a young girl there that we hadn’t seen before. She looked about 16 years old. And she was sitting with an older woman. We went over and introduced ourselves and asked her a little about herself. She was a junior going to a local high school. We invited her to go with us to Young Women directly following the meeting. She eagerly consented.

So we took her down the hall and waited for the youth Sunday School to get out. And then something happened that we did not expect. One of the girls walked right up to her–shocked–and said, “Michelle?! Is that you?”

Turns out that they’re best friends.


5. And then just an hour later, something EVEN crazier happened.

We’d stayed a little after church to make copies. We’d meant to make them earlier but because we’d forgotten to finish filling out our progress record–we were delayed.

And because we were delayed, we got to meet the cutest Chinese couple ever.

They walked into the church building and almost immediately caught the attention of Sister Jill Boss (Who is awesome. She arranges music. You should totally check it out). They were asking about the church and what went on in our meetings. She’d just left them to find someone who could better explain, when she ran into us. “Perfect!,” she exclaimed.

So we gave a church tour and set up a lesson.

If we’d made our copies ANY earlier, that wouldn’t have happened.

The Lord puts us where He needs us. He really does. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. Our habits. Our tendencies. And most importantly, our desires. And He’ll use them. He will line up opportunities all along our way. For us to serve. To learn and grow. To be an instrument in His hands.

But it’s our responsibility to take them. Being there. Right place and time or not. Only counts for so much. We have to act. We have to choose to be an instrument that the Lord can use.


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