Fan Girls

When you are a Sister Missionary you have fan girls.

They are usually about 6 years old.

And they think the world of you.

And when you are 23 years old, it makes you a little baby crazy.

And A LOT humble.

Because these sweet little girls are straight from God’s arms.

And they want to be friends with you–wretched girl that you are–because they look up to you.

As a missionary, everyone watches you. They may not listen to your message or accept your book of scripture. But they’re watching you. But its the little girls that I’m most concerned about. What we do and say has an effect on them. We need to be, to them, exactly what the Savior would be. Because little children are so fragile. They SO need to be loved and cared for. And they need to feel that they are important.

And that is exactly what the Savior would do. He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of heaven.”


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