Sometimes a Prompting is Just a Good Idea

Once upon a time.

When my companion wasn’t my companion, she met a lady in a dog park. And like all good missionaries, she struck up a conversation. In which she invited this sweet lady to come to the Portland Temple Visitors Center.

Which is a great place to visit by the way.

I, myself, am quite partial to it.

Anyways, she was super stoked to come visit.

With her daughter.

However, she is a very busy woman.

And her daughter is even busier.

So we haven’t as of yet been able to schedule a time when both of them are available to come visit. >
But the other day we called.

Because it’s transfers.

And transfers are a great excuse to see people.

Because you may never see them again.

And that touches people.

And guess what.

The timing just happened to be perfect.

I say that because she wasn’t particularly busy.

But also because she needed the call.

Almost as soon as she answered I could tell.

She was upset about something.

It had been weighing on her mind for quite some time.

And right then I knew.

I just KNEW we needed to pray with her.

I had no idea why.

But the Lord knew.

He knew that it would mean something special to her.

He knew that she used to have a friend that she would pray with when things got hard.

So He made it happen.


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