Hastening the Work

Our ward has 12 missionaries out.

And two more next week.

That’s 14 out.

From one little ward.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because everyone I’ve talked to in the past 7 days has someone they’re working on and someone else they’re eager for us to meet.

We got 9 referrals our first day.


The Lord really is hastening His work.

He’s going out into the vineyard (Jacob 5:70-72) one last time and He’s asking us to go with Him. It’s our choice whether we’ll join in His great work or just stand idly by. There are people out there. In our neighborhoods. In our schools. In our places of work. People who would live the gospel if some man (Acts 8:31) would show them the way. We are those men and women. We have something good men and women have died to share. And all we have to do is open our mouths (D&C 33:8).


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