A Vida Sister Missionaria

So, sometimes when you’re a sister missionary . . . things happen.

This post goes into a little more detail about a few of the uncomfortable, ridiculous, and downright awkward things that have happened in my companionship this week.

When you are a missionary you pray everywhere.

Its just for fun.

And because you NEED the Lord’s direction.

But sometimes when you pray, you kneel directly into someone’s dinner.

Which they unwittingly left on temple grounds.

This is exactly what happened to Sister Priday this week.

We were really earnestly seeking advice on how we could help someone that we were teaching. So we walked across the street to the Temple and knelt down by a bench. We were hoping that by going to the temple we might get some more clear promptings about what to do.

So we knelt down and offered a prayer.

And then when we got back up and sat on the bench to talk about it, Sister Priday made a noise of disgust.

“I thought that was wet leaves!!”

But it wasn’t.

She’d been kneeling in a pile of wet fried rice that somebody must have spilled the day earlier.

And like the good companion I am, I cracked up.

And couldn’t hold composure.

Because who really could.

She’d been kneeling in somebody’s gross day-old dinner for like 10 minutes.

Today Sister Schmutz got a package.

From her wonderful sister.

As she opened it she said, “Oh, they know me so well, it’s half full of candy.”

Then we got in the car and started driving.

Like the good companion she is, she offered some of her “weird” candy to me.

I picked up a piece and read the label.

It said, “Calcium & Vitamin D”.

I declined.

She’d already eaten 3.

Downright Awkward:
Sister Quent told me that I talk like Bane.

I have nothing more to add.


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