Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Yesterday was transfer day.

Transfer to the mission field.

Pretty scary, exciting stuff.

Mostly exciting. But a little nerve racking at the same time.

I started the transfer at 2:45 AM when I got up. Tried to be a little more presentable. And shoved the last of my belongings into my suitcase. Then I did a last minute weigh of my suitcases to make sure I wasn’t over 50 lbs. and rushed out the door with my temporary companions to the Travel Office.

Then back into my building because I forgot my itinerary.

And once again back to the travel office.

I waited in line, dropped off my key, handed back my lock, and swiped my card to pick up my ticket. Then I walked outside to find my place in line for the bus.

And there were our Elders. Just waiting there to say goodbye.

They woke up at 2:30 in the morning just to see us off.

I love them.

So we said our goodbyes. And with a firm handshake we were off.

We loaded our luggage in a truck.

Loaded ourselves into a bus and took a ride to the train station.

Then I got really excited.

Because I’ve never been on a train before.

Turns out its not as exciting at 4:00 in the morning.

When we got to our stop, 200+ missionaries filed up an escalator and into a TRAX car headed for the SLC Int’l Airport. Then we yanked our luggage off the truck that was waiting there for us and went inside to check our baggage.

Delta had additional staff to accommodate us and they were very gracious.

And the people at the airports were nice enough to let us use their cell phones to call our parents and let them know we made it out of the MTC alive (:

And then after about an hour waiting around in the airport I met up with my travel companion on the plane.

Her name is Sister Lyons. And she is super fly.

She studied in Jerusalem last year.

And when we finally made it to Oregon, she marveled with me about the ridiculous number of clouds. They cover the entire Portland area like a blanket.

I wanted to take a nap in them.

She agreed.

She didn’t, however, marvel with me about the number of trees.

Because she is from Colorado.

And they have just as many.

We don’t in Oklahoma. So I kept marveling.

And am actually STILL marveling.

I mean whoa!!

It is so green here.

Even the parking garage is covered in green. Literally, the vines have almost reclaimed that edifice.

So, yah. Portland’s green.

And lovely.

And I’m super stoked to be here.


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