Ten O’clock Treat Time

So here at the MTC treats are a must.

Like really.

Especially if you’re on my schedule.

I mean dinner is at 4:00.

Which is practically lunch time.

And bed’s not till 10:30.

And that’s a lot of hours to not be eating.

So by the time we get back to our residence our bodies have rebelled against us and are now eating themselves. And we know its not super good to eat an hour before bed. But we’re between a rock and a hard place here. So we hit up the vending machines. And keep vending until the growling subsides. OR, if we’re really lucky. Sister Shipp’s angel of a mom sends something delicious like chocolate chip cookies, or coconut bread, or brownies with marshmallowy goodness baked right into them.

OR, and this isn’t all that often, but now and again, Sister VanHoven’s boyfriend will send along a whole box full of Oreos.

And then we gorge ourselves . . .

I mean, that’s one thoughtful boyfriend.


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