Devotional Downpour

Last week at Devotional Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke.

Let me just say he is wonderful. Such a delight.

He spoke about love and sacrifice. He said:

“We sacrifice for the things we love and we love the things we sacrifice for.”


“Take that word ‘I’ and put it away for a while.”

I’m gonna take a good long while studying those two gems.

And then the rain came.

But seriously. There was this insane downpour and lightning everywhere. So we had to stick around for like a half hour after devotional ended. Which would have been terrible. Only it meant we got to sing. And I do love singing. And then there’s that thing about how Elder Anderson decided to practice what he was preaching and decided to come meet some missionaries.

And he came right up my row!!

And then he went right back down.

Because I was on like the 27th row of the choir.

But I still appreciated the thought.

And then when we finally got back to our classroom for post-devotional discussion. Elder Wooley was all: “Hey wanna shake hands with an apostle?” And I was like: “Wha? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!” And he was like “Yah.” And I was looking all around like where’s Elder Anderson? And Elder Wooley just stuck out his hand.

And then my face fell.

Because I realized that he wasn’t coming.

And that Elder Wooley was just offering to pass on a little of that apostolic goodness.

Because he did get to shake Elder Anderson’s hand.

Unlike me.


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