Mission T’s

So at the MTC they sell mission t’s. Pretty much any mission there is–they have a shirt for it. They’re pretty sweet. And plentiful.

If you’re NOT serving in Brazil.

Because there are like 300 kids a week going to Brazil.

All waiting on visas.

All with nothing better to do than stalk through the bookstore asking clerks when they’ll get their shipment in.

And then–like the second they get stocked–they’re sold out.

But really.

Yesterday I went to the bookstore right after my workout. Because I heard they were stocking a shipment on Monday. When I asked, the clerk literally laughed in my face.

No joke.

Then that afternoon when I just happened to be in the neighborhood–to get Sister Baker’s package–we checked again.

And that’s when I got to watch the last of those coveted Brazil shirts walk out the front door.

But just to make sure I stood in line for like 17 minutes. And asked.

"All we have is extra large."

My heart sank.

So I expressed the deepest heartfelt sadness I could muster–like I’ve been practicing for my investigators–and slowly walked away from Justin, the clerk.

"Wait! I think we have one more small."

My heart soared.

"No we don’t" yells his comrade.

And plummets

Why you gotta do me like that Justin?.


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