Finding What Was Lost

This is what I hate. Losing things.

This is what I do. Lose things.

Last week I lost something irreplaceable.

My face wash.

I don’t even know how I did it.

I was being so careful.

So I did what any mostly sane girl would do. I calmly checked where I’d last had it. Followed by the lost and found. Then I panicked and checked everywhere in my room. And more panickedly back in the other two locations. And then I resolvedly trudged back to my room. Knowing I would never see that face wash again.

This face. NEEDS it’s face wash. I mean I got an all out civil war, front and center, ON MY FACE.

And taking hand soap to this face is like taking wrist rockets into a war zone.


So three days later. After more searching. And still no finding. I just resolved myself to the ugliest year and a half of my life.

But guess what.

There–like the holy grail–above me. Sitting on the paper towel dispenser was my face wash all apricotty and wonderful. Just waiting for me to find it.

Funny how the Lord will bless you even with things that aren’t all that important.

Just because He knows the’re important to you.


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