The Gift of Tongues, Graham Canyon, and other Blessings

I arrived here at the MTC almost one week ago, but it feels like I’ve been here forever.

Every day is sooooooo long.

Ive never been this productive.

Like ever.

I got here Wednesday at 1:15. And the traffic was crazy. So many missionaries all anxious to serve the Lord. Its great!! I got signed in and got my badge, dropped my stuff off and by 2.00 was in class.

Learning Portuguese.

Talk about NO down time.

But Its really cool, because in 3 days I could already hold my own in a conversation with a fluent speaker for 35 minutes. And understand most of what was said.

Something that took me most of 3 years to be able to do in Spanish.

But the cool thing is that I can actually feel the prayers said in my behalf. I can feel that extra strength getting me there.

I mean, there’s no way that I’m doing this on my own.

It’s just not possible.

But this is the Lord’s work. And He will make us equal to the task if we put everything we’ve got into it.

And you best believe we are.

We wake up every morning at 6 am, head to breakfast, and then straight to class, then personal study, lunch, additional study, more class, dinner, more study, and teaching time.

We study for like 15 hours a day.

Okay like 11.

But its soooooo worth it. Because were learning so much. Not just the language. But how to be a good companion. And how to be totally obedient in everything we do. Because both of those things will help further the work. And that’s our goal. To spread the good news of the Jesus Christs atonement and the Restoration of the Gospel.

So, my prophesy came true. My first senior companion is like 4 years younger than me. But its crazy, because were exactly alike. We both go nuts for the BYU Creamery Ice cream on Sundays (they have Graham Canyon–can you believe it?!).

We both like singing.

All the time.

And if I’m being completely honest, she had me at alonsey.

I’m so excited to get out there and do the work of the Lord and help others come unto Christ.

Till next time,
Sister Lewis

Overheard at the MTC:
“The sisters are so lucky. They get to wear necklaces. I wanna wear a necklace . . . Like Kanye.” Elder Epley

“I can do a bridge.”
” . . . I can do a Rubix Cube.” Elder Epley

“I heard Elder Holland is one of the three Nephites.” -Random Elder at Devotional

“Have you ever noticed how much flirting goes on in our district?” Elder Peterson

“White people are some of the most discriminated against.” Elder Dilts
“Well my whole race was killed.” Elder Oxendine

Word of the Week:
Repetir: to repeat
Pronounced: hepe cheer.

Or as I like to say: Happy Cheer.


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