And this year’s Halloween costume winner is . . .

So BYU is pretty legit.  I know this because there is nowhere else in this world that I would find myself running smack dab into the Koolaid Man.


But anyhow here’s my list of the top ten costumes spotted on campus this year:

10. Phantom of the Opera
9. Robin Hood . . . on a bike!
8. Facebook Page
7. Backpack from Dora the Explorer
6. Man in a Kilt
5. Viking
4. Link (I saw two of those, one on her way out of class and another bagging my groceries at Macey’s)
3. Perry the Platypus
2. Koolaid Man

And the top costume spotted on campus this year is . . .

1.  The Sexy Sax man: So I’m just sitting in my religion class . . . chilling.  

Getting my spirit on when all of a sudden I hear George Michael’s dulcet tones.  I turn around and there’s this man sporting the nastiest wig I’ve ever seen and the most wicked awesome sax ever just jamming out.


For like two minutes.

And because Brother Judd is awesome . . . he just let him go.

Made my entire life.

It was like this . . . only in a religion class . . . at BYU.


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