101. Llama Fest

Once upon a time there was a girl.  She was short and fun.  And she was me. 

This girl had simple hopes and dreams. 

Really simple ones. 

And for at least three years it had been her goal and ambition to attend the thing that is known as Llama Fest. 

Because they have llamas.  With llama faces. 

For two long years the opportunity had passed her by. 

But she had vowed that this year (this year “for sure”) she would not be deterred in making that single most important goal (probably the most important goal of her young life) a reality. 

That Saturday morning she awoke.  Sat bolt upright in her bed and realized two things.
     a) She had work in a mere fifteen minutes (and)
     b) This was the day that had been previously designated as Llama Fest 

And then she went to work.  And it was a difficult day.  Full of melting candy and soda infused rubbish left over by the ungrateful, deatheater children of Voldemort and Medusa.  And one thing got her through: the promise of Llama Fest. 

That afternoon came and went and then . . . when it was nearly 6:00, the man who was Josh entered her apartment speaking the magic words (i.e. Do you want to go to Llama Fest?).  And being the little girl that she was, she said, “More than anything in the entire world!!” 

And then the time came.  Nine plus people crammed themselves into two cars and made their way down to the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. 

I was in Charla’s car. 

Which was exactly where I wanted to be. 

Because Charla is the definition of feminine beauty and awesomeness. 

And then, at seven thirty two, I arrived. 

And it was like nothing I had ever experienced in my entire life. 

I’m not going to say that there were more llamas than people, but it was pretty close. 

Me and my posse latched onto one called Jiva. 

Cause he was jive.  In a big way. 

And as it turns out, he had a big thing for me.  I wasn’t sure whether he wanted to love me or eat me.  It was quite disconcerting (I’ve never looked so much like Ellen Paige in my entire life). 

But he was a good llama.  He wasn’t terrible at the race (as he decided to take a bathroom break halfway through) and he totally dominated the obstacle course (thank you Josh).  It was a beautiful thing. 

But I must say that the highlight of the trip was when I purchased my Llama Fest t-shirt.  I’ve been coveting it for quite some time now. 

So much so that I wore it today.  I guess I wasn’t the only one . . . cause Josh wore his too :/


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