Destructive Habits

I don’t have very many destructive habits.

But I do have this one habit that threatens to destroy me all of the time.

You see, whenever I’m walking around on campus, from one class to another, I call my mom.  Or my sister.  Or my dad.  Or my other sister.  OR my other sister.

This is partially because I feel weird walking around all by myself.  


With no one.

People look at you as if they’re expecting you to pick your nose or run into a pole or do something equally stupid.  And then you get to feeling all self-conscious and awkward and really do do something stupid.  At least that’s my experience.

But also cause I love my family and its a really good way to keep up with them.

But there’s one drawback.

Every time I call my family I miss home.  And because I walk around on campus a lot, I talk to my family a lot, and therefore miss home a lot.


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