211. Earthfruits

I have this friend.  Her name is Lindsey.  And when she’s bored she camps out at Earthfruits so that she can get free frozen yogurt for a year.

This is probably something I would never do.  Not because I don’t like free stuff.  Because I soooooo do.  I’m just more of a camp out for College Game Day kinda girl.

However when this Lindsey friend invited me to come and experience free Earthfriuits yogurt with her I absolutely could not resist.

And let me tell you: they have the biggest topping bar I have ever seen in my entire life!!

I’m not kidding!

They have everything that you could ever want in a topping bar AND then some.

I mean the yogurt’s good.  But the topping bar is top notch.

I’m still wigging out over it.


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