203. Watch Thumbelina with Anna

Once upon a time . . .

I was visiting Anna Johnson in her bedroom when I discovered that she happened to possess one of the great delights of my childhood: Thumbellina.

As a child this was one of my all-time-favorite movies.  Right after 101 Dalmations, The Lion King, and Sky Dancers.  After watching each of these films my siblings and I would become incited to random acts of make believe–which usually ended in the “bad guy” being banished from the house due to unrighteous dominion and or reckless disregard for the safety of her three true siblings.

Usually this was Phila.

Considering my history with such movies it is totally understandable that I would want to relive said history (though on a less violent scale) during my college years.

So I, very promptly, informed Anna of my intentions to view said movie.  With her.  At a date to be later specified.

And then each of us, also very promptly, forgot about it.

I mean, now and again, one of us would kindly remind the other of our previous agreement via nice note on a Sunday evening.

But to no avail.

And then, a little over one year later, it happened on one very lonely Monday evening.

You see, FHE had been canceled due to a ward activity on the following Saturday.  So both of our Monday evenings had quite literally been freed up.  But that evening when I arrived at Anna’s home to carry out the deed, she mournfully explained to me that her dear sister had been in possession of the film for quite some time.

That’s when I let a dying dragon’s cackle release from the depths of my rather dry throat.   

In my mind.

Because I was frustrated.

And thirsty.

So we searched high and low to find a copy.  Many places without success.  But we were finally able to locate one at the good ole HBLL.  So that was marvelous.  In a huge kind of way.

The guy at the counter was cheeky.  He was giving us flack.  

And as many of you know.  

I don’t take flack.  

From anyone.

‘Cept my momma.

So I told him off real good.  And then Anna and I made our way back to the sanctuary (when its clean) that is my bedroom.  

And that’s when we relived a vast portion of my childhood.

Here’s what I learned:
1. As it turns out, there are in fact, sealed portions of my childhood,
2. Watching Thumbellina is not something I consider to be a priority, and
3. Library guys are really extraordinarily cheeky

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