50. Play Werewolves

I don’t know if there have ever been so many people in my house . . . . ever.  I mean in ALL of the eighty years that CP has stood, solidly (more or less) on the ground, I’m pretty sure this apartment has ever held so many people.

This is because I am a social catalyst (if you need a reference list I am more than willing to provide one–just saying).

So last Sunday I decided it was about time I knocked out one of the items on my list.  And one of them just happened to be playing an epic game of werewolves.

So that’s what I did.

I texted Brian Thrap.  Got him on board and set about to spreading the word.  So I grabbed my boots and my scooter and knocked down every door on the second floor of CP.  And after receiving mostly positive feedback I returned to my apartment feeling like quite the rock star.

Then I spread the word to thirty of my closest friends (proximity or otherwise) via text message.  

Then I waited.

At around nine o’clock they started filing in.  Once we had a good group of people we handed out paper and played Pictionary Telephone to get things warmed up.

The warm up only lasted about five minutes before the room was completely crowded.

And that’s when we decided that we were going to need a bigger avenue for this sort of undertaking.  So we adjourned to the lounge.

And, much to my surprise, people just kept coming.

So we decided to pass out the cards and get things going.  Brian, because he’s got such a way with it, acted as our narrator.  We started out with seven werewolves and 22 townspeople. Because that makes it more interesting.  Then we began.

It was insane.

It was SOOOO long.

After just one game, we agreed that we’d had enough of werewolves.  So we moved on to smurfing (some of us more than others).  All in all a really good experience.

1. It is very difficult to fit 30 people into one rather small room
2. If you want to get rid of some delicious baked goods all you have to do is host an epic game night (and)
3. Paul Handy smurfs more than other people


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