31. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

Sometimes I need to get in touch with my inner childhood.

Usually this is not very hard.

This is because I am a child.  In nearly every sense of the word.

I am okay with this.

Also I’m not really very skilled at playing football.  

So the conditions were perfect.

I was out with my best pals.  And they were playing football.  And I don’t do that stuff.  I love football.  I can’t think of another sport I’d rather watch.  Except for maybe gymnastics . . . and that would only trump if I was on some sort of pain medication.  Because I think it would be wildly entertaining to watch someone quite suddenly rise from their lifeless hospital bed and yell menacingly at the television set (probably something to the effect of, “punch her in the gut!!”) while watching the National Gymnastics Championship.

But that is entirely beside the point.

The point is that I was wish a group of friends who are good at football.  

And I suck.  

And I hate to feel inadequate.

Because its lame.

So instead I decided to retrieve my sidewalk chalk from my apartment so that the BYU sidewalks could experience a little color.  This is because color is fun.  And gray is boring.  And Lindsey, being the little artist that she is, felt completely the same way.  So we brought forth great color on BYU campus.  

And then . . . on N206.  

Because they are awesome.  And probably deserve 20 chalk stars.

The end.


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