46. Make a Fort in the Living Room: Have a Rumpus

A long, long time ago.  Right here, in the very room that I am typing from, a tradition was born. 

Now this tradition is not for the faint of hearts. 

It is quite the feat to undertake. 

It is that of fort building and rumpus making.  It happened one night on the 31st of October in the year 2009.  A rumpus the kind of which had never been seen was held in our own S203.  We built a fort with blankets and sheets.  Then we drug in our mattresses and played girly games and all slept in a real pile. 

I don’t talk in my sleep.  But that night Cate swears I laughed (in my sleep). 

Anyhow.  In Wild Things tradition Jocelyn and I decided that we would build ourselves a fort the like of which had never been seen.  So we began. 

And about five minutes in we discovered that we needed Cate. 

Because she’s crafty. 

And especially good at fort building. 

And I’m really especially bad at it. 

But we persevered.  And here are the fruits of our labors:


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