43. Do Yoga

Sometimes I feel like Chubs McGee.

NOT because I’m fat.  Cause I’m not.  But because sometimes I eat everything in my cupboards.

This is not healthy.  Or normal.

So afterward I have to do something that is really healthy . . . and slightly abnormal . . . to compensate.  Because nobody likes to feel like a fatty fat fatty.

Usually this is when I must force myself to go to the gym.  But sometimes (always) I wake up really late (obesely late) and then must find alternate methods of removing the cupboard from my belly.  And on one occasion, a few weeks ago, yoga seemed like the right decision.  

So I got out my estretchy pants, coaxed Cate and Susanna into joining me, and began.

About five minutes into my yoga video I decided these four things: 

1. Cate is a beast
2. I am not in the shape I used to be in 
3. The poses for “beginners” are sometimes FAR more difficult than the “advanced” poses (and)
4. The costs of eating the entire contents of my cupboard far outweigh the benefits


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