208. Naked Juice

So, when I first came to BYU, during my first time at the creamery, I found out about Naked Juice.  I’d never heard of it before.  And to be quite honest, I was rather turned off by its name.Naked.  Juice.But my dear roommate assured me that it was good.  So I kept it in the back of my head.  I thought to myself: someday.  Someday I will try naked juice.  And then I promptly forgot it.

Now, nearly three years later, I’m trying it for the first time.

I was at the Southend Market.  With my lovely roommate Susanna buying pudding (because my milk was about to go bad for goodness sake!!) when I saw it.  Taunting me from the refrigerated section (what else could a juice titled “naked” do??).

And because I like new experiences, and because its on my list, I went for it.  And then, three days later, after some pretty intense yoga, I decided that it was time.

As per the instructions, I shook it.  And vigorously.  I had to dance around a lot cause, the bottle said that separation was natural and goodness knows I hate separation.  

Between friends.  

And lovers.  

And most especially, in my juice.

Then I handed my camera to Cate so that she could document.  I twisted the lid.  Nothing.  I mean for goodness sake, this is juice we’re talking about.  Its not a pill bottle or a pickle jar.  It isn’t as if there is anything dangerous in there.  I mean, the bottle says, quite clearly: all natural fruit.  And there I was, not getting into my “power-c machine” fruit juice smoothie.  So I tried again, while scrunching my face into a more contorted state.  Cause that helps.  And sure enough, it opened.

Then I took a deep breath, cause I wasn’t sure what to expect, and tried it.  And you know what, for a name like “Naked” and coming out of a bottle that was made with recycled plastics (which makes me all sorts of nervous) it wasn’t bad at all.  A little grainy.  But totally drinkable.  Even enjoyable.


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