205. Eat at Kneaders with Jocelyn

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  And she was awesome.  And she was me. 

But she was lacking. 

You see, this little girl had never experienced the joy and wonder that is Kneaders. 


Only she didn’t know what she was missing.  Until one day when she met a person who was very near and dear to her.  And that person was Jocelyn Baggins.  Who was quite a bit like a hobbit only she didn’t have hairy feet.  Or big ears.  And she wasn’t very short.  But other than that she was pretty close.  And that dear girl had a shocking response on discovering the hidden truth that was my lack of experiencing Kneaders. 

She said, “You’ve NEVER been to Kneaders!!” and then breathed very deeply.  And then breathed very deeply again.  And then again. 

I hadn’t realized what a big deal it was until that very moment. 

I mean I’d heard things about how it was super fly and how they had aMAZing french toast.  But I didn’t think it was a crime against humanity. 

So.  Now.  Very nearly eight months later.  I have finally experienced Neiders. 

And because it is only right that it should be this way, I went with Jocelyn.  We got a Turkey Cranberry Sunflower Salad, a Fruit Tart, and a Key Lime Tart.  And let me just say: I am in love.  Never in my life have I been so in love than right this very minute as I write to you about the creamy poppy seed dressing and the Key Limey Tart. 

I mean, THAT is food artistry. 

At its finest.


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