19. Give My Rain Boots Some Use

This is what I should have worn yesterday. 

So after I got back all drenched and business, I changed into some new pants and put on my rain gear and had a puddle-jumping adventure with Hanna. 

Because she’s awesome and likes fun things. 

The first puddle I found was filled with trash. 

I splashed in it anyway. 

Cause I didn’t care. 

And then we sought out more puddles.  Deeper ones.  And where did we find them?  On the side of the road.  I mean those puddles were huge, they could have swallowed me whole just by looking at me!! 

And if I’m being honest, they sorta did.  I was having so much fun that by the time I got back home I’d lost a button and managed to drench both of my legs from ankle to thigh. 

As it turns out rain coats aren’t super effective against the most intense puddle stompers.


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