135 Days of Summer: The Summer of Marie

I’ve Decided that this summer is going to be big.  Why?  Because I want it to be.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 200 things to do.  

That way I’ll never be bored.  

I’m sure I’ll eventually get to all of these things, but in the interest of making reasonable goals, I’ve decided, here before the whole world that I’m going to check 100 items off this list by August 28th.

Summer begins: April 16th.

If you want to get in on this action, hit me up.

1. Have Ten Glasses of Horchata in One Week
2. Mustache Monday at Sammy’s
**3. Bridal Vale Falls
4. Go Ice Blocking
5. South Court Dance Party
6. Finish PMG Chapter 3
7. Finally see The Ant Bully
8. Weave a Bracelet
9. DI Outfits
**10. Ice Cream at Macey’s: The Kong Kone
11. Update My Portfolio and Resume
12. Ask a Boy on a Date: Planned and Paid For
**13. Go to the Res
**14. Experience the Bamboo Hut
15. Dress-up Like an Old Person
16. Score at Least 100 in Bowling (No Bumpers)
17. Learn to Play Soccer
18. Play Penny Golf in the SWKT
19. Give My Rain Boots Some Use
20. Make the National Geographic Collage (after a three year pause)
21. See the movie Signs
22. Live it Up at the Dinosaur Museum
23. Make Cake in a Cup
24. Go Dancing
**25. Swing off the High Swing at the Mona Ponds
26. Destroy an Entire Journal
27. Pick Wild Flowers
28. Swing on a Swing
29. Take a Walk Through Downtown Provo
30. Build Something
31. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
32. Buy Baguettes and Watch Beauty and the Beast
33. Host a Sunday Siesta
34. Read Someone a Bedtime Story
35. Go to the Children’s Section at the Provo Library and Reminisce
36. Bake Bread
37. Make Sister Stoke’s Cookies in a Marginally Successful Manner
39. Journal about Something from Your Distant Past
40. Talk to Someone New
41. Start the Gratitude Blog
42. Make 100 Paper Cranes
43. Do Yoga
44. Tie Dye
45. Read a Book: Just for Fun
46. Make a Fort in the Living Room: Have a Rumpus
47. Learn the Names of Everyone in the Ward
48. Index 1000 Names
49. Ninja Attack!!
50. Play Werewolves
51. Take a Bus Ride
52. Go on a Train
53. Go to a Play
54. Go Swimming; Like it
55. Write a Letter
56. Blow Bubbles
57. Blow Fire
58. Use a Coupon
59. Spend Fifteen Minutes Conversing with Nature
60. Organize
61. Frisbee
62. Write a Classic Love Poem
63. Go on a Bike Ride
63. Go Tandem
64. Eat Something You’ve  Never Eaten
65. Play Racquet Ball
66. Learn Tennis
**67. Go Camping
68. Feed the Ducks
69. Have a Picnic
70. Make Play Dough Creations
71. Listen to Every Beatles Song EVER Written
72. Farmer’s Market
73. Cook Something You’ve Never Cooked
74. Catch Up with an Old Friend
75. Play Team Tag in the Eyring Science Center
76. Watch a Jack Black Movie (i.e. Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock, Nacho Libre)
77. View and Speculate Over Something on Dean’s Master List
78. Paint Your Nails Different Colors; Leave them Like that ALL Day
79. Wear a Vest
80. Compliment Someone You Don’t Know
81. Curl your Hair
82. Go to Bed by Ten
83. Take a Nap
**84. Roller Skate
85. Get the Guts to Make Cut Offs out of Jeans
86. Drink Eight Glasses of Water in One Day
87. Make Horchata
88. Make Jello Jigglers; Distribute to the Masses
89. Go Without your Cell Phone for Twenty Four Hours; Just Turn It Off
**90. Go to Utah Lake
91. Take Pictures with Autumn
92. Museum of Peoples and Cultures
93. Crandall Printing Museum
94. Covey Center for the Arts
95. Check out a MOA Exhibit
97. Bombay House
98. Taco Riendo
99. India Palace
100. The Parlor
**101. Llama Festival
**102. Nickel Cade
103. Kiwanis Park
104. Planetarium Show
105. Attend Club Night at BYU
106. Zumba
107. Buy Pan Dulces at the Mexican Corner Market
108. Go to a Rugby Game
109. Attend a Lacrosse Game
110. Go to the Opera
111. Bake a Pie
112. Water Balloon Fight
113. Jello War
114. Give that Ugly Sweater Some Wear
115. Save Someone During Education Week
116. Find Someone to Tell You a Bedtime Story
117. Hike
118. Fly A Kite
119. Run Through the Sprinklers
120. Take Out Someone Else’s Trash
121. Do Early Morning Scripture Study
122. Don’t Step on Any Cracks for an Entire Day
**123. Tulip Festival (Two Dollar Tuesdays)
**124. Go to a Rodeo
125. Eat a Funnel Cake
126. Hat Day!!
127. Write a Parody
128. Roast Marshmallows
129. Create a Work of Art
130. Walk Barefoot in the Park
131. Take Some Pictures and Develop the Film off the Pentax
132. Help Someone to Experience Their Childhood
133. Do a Puzzle
134. Have a Play Reading
135. Find Someone with a Nintendo; Play
136. Have Breakfast at the Hall’s
137. Eat out at the Pita Pit
138. Make Homemade Strawberry Jam
139. Play Hand-clap Games
140. Wake Up By Nine Every Morning for a Week
141. Cheer Someone Up
142. Go an Entire Day Without Shoes
143. Wear My Cowboy Boots
144. Wear a Skirt, NOT to Church
145. Memorize a Scripture
146. Read a Book in Spanish
147. Send Something OTHER Than a Nice Note in the Mail
148. Share the Gospel
149. Utilize some of the Dishes that Have Been Packed Away In Storage For Three Years
150. Play Basketball
151. Go an Entire Month without Soda Pop.
152. Go an Entire Month without Chips.
153. Exercise 30 Minutes Every Day for 2 Weeks.
154. Make Homemade Meals for Five Consecutive Days
155. Go Visit the Girls of S204 and Play BYU Solitaire
**156. Rock Climb at the Quarry
157. Journal Everyday for a Month
158. Play with Legos, Like a Child
159. Do Two Consecutive Chin Ups
160. Introduce Someone to Tangled Because It’s Cool
**161. Road Trip!!
162. Go to International Cinema
163. Rediscover Kohor
164. Animate Something
165. Draw
166. Play Checkers
167. Hopscotch
168. Watch the sun rise
169. Rape Hill Rigatta
170. Plant a Garden
171. Go to the Gym
172. Make Sugar Cookies
173. Peal an Apple (leaving just one peal behind)
174. Go Stargazing
175. Make an Invisible Ink Note
176. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
177. Try to Eat 7 Saltines in 1 Minute
178. Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips
179. People Watch
180. Try Not to Think About Penguins
181. Will Someone to Do Something
182. Scavenge Through the D.I. Bin
183. Send a Love Letter Allison Janel Goodfellow
183. Try to Fit Five Marshmallows into Your Mouth
184. Copy Someone Until They Notice
185. Translate Shakespeare Into English
186. Put a Lettuce Leaf on Your Head.  Think–Like Eloise
187. Sing the ABC’s Backwards
188. Learn 10 New Words
189. Write a Book.  Donate it to a Library
190. Write a Collaborative Story
191. Whip Your Hair Back and Forth
192. Solve a Rubix Cube
193. Fingerpaint
194. Make Gingerbread
195. Find out How Many Licks it Takes to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop
196. Make Crayons
197. Make Stained Glass Joy: http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/crayon-hearts
198. Get the Glass: http://www.gettheglass.com/index2.html
199. French Toast Kabobs
200. Make Your Own Drumsticks: http://www.instructables.com/id/Drumsticks/


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