In which the Creamery is out of hamburgers.

Sometimes you have disaster days where nothing goes right and you really, really want a BYU Creamery hamburger.  Like really bad.  And then you get to the Creamery and there are no hamburgers.  

And you think to yourself: This is a hamburger joint!!  HOW can they NOT have hamburgers?!!  And didn’t they know that you NEEDED a hamburger right now more than you NEED oxygen??!

So you content yourself with the Strawberry Sundae Crunch ice cream that your roommate bought you, because she’s wonderful.

And then you go home and watch “Despicable Me”.  And its more wonderful than you’d imagined it would be.  And you’re fairly sure that a lot of the characters from that movie live in your apartment under the alias of Katelyn “Teeko” Barfuss.

And then your good friend, who always wears a flower in her hair, gets engaged.  And everything in the world is good.


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