Halloween at BYU

Usually I don’t work on Friday afternoons, so usually I don’t find myself in the WSC, starving, at 1:00 in the afternoon.  

But today, I picked up a shift for one of my co-workers.  So lunch was really a must.

And because I am a poor college student, and only had one hour with which to fill my ever emptying belly, the WSC seemed obvious.

Between the WSC and the BRMB (my home) I saw:

  • A gorilla and a banana,
  • Ms. Frizzle,
  • Darkwing Duck (minus the bill,)
  • Indiana Jones (and an entourage of theme song singers),
  • A man in a cape playing Legend of Zelda songs on the piano,
  • Wonder Woman,
  • A Ravenclaw student,
  • Two girls wearing the exact same thing,
  • A Ladybug, and
  • A Lava Lamp.

I love BYU.


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