Something I’ve Never Done

When I left class on Thursday, I couldn’t think of anything I’d never done that was cool enough to merit all the stress I knew I would inevitably put into it, so I decided to follow Jason Bagley’s advice and

hate myself because I am the least creative person I know. And my ideas aren’t good enough. And I’ll never get into the creative track because I’m just boring and stuffy. And I look funny. 

And then after asking everyone I know for good advice on something “not lame” to do, and mostly receiving advice like “make-out with a complete stranger”, I decided to just not think about it for a while, Because, goodness knows, I am NOT about to make-out with just any random engineering major I happened to bump into in the Clyde.

I’ve got class.

I’m not a psycho.

And then, while jamming out to my iPOD, it came to me like a little lost puppy begging someone to take it in. I would play the most obese game of twister. ON CAMPUS. INSIDE the TNRB.  Because they hate fun. And if, so much as, one person leaving the Divine Comedy show joined me, I would consider it the most successful game of twister ever organized in a little under four hours. 

So I busied myself making preparations.  I passed the idea around a little to see if I could get any hype.  I asked my roommate, who works in the TNRB, if something of such epic proportions was EVEN LEGAL. And then, I went to pick up the sixty pound mat from Outdoors Unlimited.

I’m not kidding.

The mat weighs 60 lbs.

Then after spreading the word, and waiting around for hours, trying to do my homework (and being really unsuccessful), it was time. I led 15 of my closest campus plazaites northward.  About fifteen minutes later (ten for the really excited ones) we descended the 8 million stairs toward the ground floor of the TNRB where we would bring forth great awesomeness.

And we did.

We started out using half the mat, but when Divine Comedy let out, we opened up the whole mat. As the game progressed, we folded in the mat to make it more difficult. Twenty-seven folds and three callers later, we had it down to two final contestants using only sixteen circles. And it was only a matter of time before we had a clear winner.


Things I learned about myself:

1) When I get really excited I step in place many times in quick succession–this is called excited feet.
2) I am more afraid of macking a complete stranger than the BYU Police.
3) I think 20 bucks is worth a good time.
4) I am a rock star, just like Jason Bagley. LJ told me so.

All in all, it was a good experience. I will probably do things like this in the future. Why? Because it turns out that sometimes I do have good ideas, even if I look funny.


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