Today in my mailbox . . .

I found a letter.  It wasn’t addressed to me–well not really.  It was addressed to Marie Puzzlepiece Lewis.

I have not always been a puzzle piece.  Actually, most of my life I have not been a puzzle piece.  Its been a very recent development.  You see, I give the best hugs.  But its not just that they’re extraordinarily timed–though they are-or just that they are of a higher caliber.  No, its because I fit.  I fit in that crevice right beneath your arms, right around your waist.  Like a puzzle piece.  

Sarah(ahaha) Lemon discovered this about nine months ago.  And the idea sort of stuck.  So last month when she wrote me to tell me about how she found the Japanese school girl version of myself, she addressed it that way.  And that’s how I came to be Marie Puzzlepiece Lewis.


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