Free Ice Cream

I guess June 7th really is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  

I had my suspicions.

But like all fun girls do, I decided to celebrate anyway.  So I went to my local Southend Market, traveled to the freezer section, and because it was a hot day–I browsed.  For quite a while.  I couldn’t make up my mind.  There were at least four different kinds of chocolate ice cream.  It was all a matter of what lovely treat-like items I wished to adorn my ice cream with on that particular day.  After about five minutes of staring sort of aimlessly through the freezer door, I reached in, grabbed a carton of Western Family’s Bear Tracks and moved toward the cash register.  I pulled out my card, ready to pay, and then she looked at the ice cream, looked at me and said, “I’m not going to charge you for this,” and then in response to my puzzled look, “Our freezer went out this morning.”  Then she proceeded to bag the ice cream and hand it to me.  My suspicions instantly evaporated.


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