Where MAN205 Used to Be

The other day I walked to work, just like I always do.  As I passed down the familiar second-floor walk way to the stairs that would lead me toward campus, something stood out.  MAN205 was open.  

I got this really excited feeling in the pit of my stomach–and wasn’t entirely sure why–until I saw inside the kitchen window.  The table had been moved into the center of the room, its chairs stacked up on top.  The refrigerator had been pushed away from the wall.  And as I continued walking, I noticed that in the living room the couches had all been moved into the center of the room.

And suddenly I was fast-forwarding through time to a few short months ago when MAN205 as I had known it, for the last year of my life, had been disbanded.  All of the previous occupants were moving on, for probably the first time in the history of forever.  When I first came to Campus Plaza, MAN205 took me in.  Since then, I’ve spent many an hour in the company of MAN205, watching movies on the projector, cheering our great school on to victory, eating great food, and siesta-ing (when I could afford a picture or two ending up on facebook).  MAN205 came to be a real constant in my life.  No matter what else changed, MAN205 would always remain the same.  

But here at college, nothing can stay the same for long.  Its inevitable that the winds of change will swoop in sooner or later and swirl everything around.   

And they did.  

Winter semester had come and gone; and with it, MAN205 had moved on.


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