Sometimes I Eat Half a Watermelon . . .

Yesterday, Katelyn and I went to the Southend Market.  We had this really great coupon which allows us to get movies for free from the Blockbuster kiosk.  And we wanted to use it quite desperately. As we searched through what seemed like hundreds of titles, we decided that we probably should get some frozen yogurt.  So we went next door to Spoon it Up, and were heading towards the yogurt cups, when the lady at the cash register offered us a free sample–this is our favorite thing, because then we get to go around and try all the flavors.  We have done this several times.

We started at the front of the line, each with a little cup in hand, and traveled down the line until we came to my favorite flavor . . . orange–It tastes just like an orange peel smells–and its wonderful in every way.

But it wasn’t there.  It had been replaced!!

In its place was some sort of ROCKSTAR energy drink blend.  And I consider that a personal attack.

After discovering that Spoon it Up hates me, I didn’t feel so much like frozen yogurt anymore.  So Katelyn and I returned to Southend Market where we proceeded to browse and peruse through all the aisles until we came to the fruit aisle.  Where Katelyn decided on a jug of apple juice and I decided on a great big watermelon.  We happily carried our purchases home, though mine was somewhat of a burden as it was rather large and I am rather small.

Once we arrived home I proceeded to clumsily cut through the watermelon–turns out watermelon cutting is not one of my skills–while Katelyn cubed the slices and dumped them into a huge bowl.  Afterward we sat down to watch Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (which is lovely by the way) . . .

And that’s when I devoured half of a watermelon.

I was just sitting there, enjoying a good movie, and the next thing I know, I am cradling an empty bowl on my food baby belly.  Sometimes I am a fat kid.  Don’t judge me.


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