The One Where I Finish a Whole Gallon of Milk

Today, I made history.

I did something which I never before have done, and which many of you would find to be quite impressive . . . at least the ones who know me well.

I finished my very first gallon of milk ever.  I drank it all.  Now this might not be much to you avid, milk drinkers.  But I, unlike you, am not an avid milk drinker.  Milk is not my thing.  And until this very day, I’ve never been able to get through even a half gallon of milk before it went bad–and that was sharing it with someone else!!  I’ve wasted, I don’t know how many, bowls of cereal and all because I didn’t check my milk for rancidness first.  But today I made history.  Gone are the days of plugging my nose and averting my eyes as I pour my rancid chunk milk down the drain.  Today I am a lover of milk.


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